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inspirational jewelryInspirational Jewelry....meaningful thoughts to inspire every day

The history of inspirational jewelry is long and colorful—from sacred crosses and icons hammered out in ancient metals to sophisticated gemstone encrusted pendants and rings designed to share their mystical powers with the wearers. Hearfelt or sentimental messages on pendants and friendship bracelets made in precious metals were engraved, stamped or adorned with gemstones, pearls and diamonds.

Many powers and meanings have been attributed to gemstones, natural materials and metals used in all jewelry, particularly symbolic or inspirational jewelry. From healing powers, to protection and good health, it is fascinating to understand and explore this aspect of jewelry and how it might influence your life. Gifts of jewelery with an inspiring message have long been popular and are the ideal way to left someone know you care, for any occasion or important time of life.

Inspirational Jewelry Styles:

  • bead and gemstone bracelets
  • inspirational heart lockets
  • friendship bracelets with gemstones or charms
  • engrave an inspiring message on the back of necklaces and bracelets
Loving Arms Necklace

Loving Arms Necklace
Nothing nurtures like Mom's embrace. This necklace represents the bond between mother and child with "arms" wrapped around one, two, three or four freshwater pearls, one for each child. Exclusively from RedEnvelope.
Embrace Life necklace

Embrace Life Necklace
The Sacred Circle—the universal symbol for unity, wholeness and completeness—is also an ancient symbol of the circle of life. The hand-finished sterling silver circle is engraved with the words "embrace life" on both sides in a simple script to remind you to live every day to the fullest. The sterling silver chain adjusts from 16"-18" long and closes with a lobster clasp. Exclusive at RedEnvelope.
Triple Life Earrings

Triple Life Earrings
Kathy Kamei moved to Bali in 1993, and the people, landscape and traditions of the island have inspired her jewelry designs ever since. These earrings hold subtle symbolic significance, featuring traditional Balinese design elements that represents mother, father and child, where family members are both separate and interdependent. Hand-set 18k-gold-vermeil and sterling-silver dots.
Men's Love Ring

Sophisticated Men's Ring
A masculine piece of jewelry with a literary twist, this sophisticated men's ring says it all. Designed by San Francisco jewelry artist Jeanine Payer, the handcrafted sterling-silver ring has a slightly oxidized patina.

The band has a brushed finish, accented by a hammered segment for texture and an 18k-gold rivet. The ring is hand-engraved in script with a quotation from Milton's "Paradise Lost": "To love or not; in this we stand or fall."

Friendship Bracelet Meaning of Friendship Bracelet
This bracelet features multifaceted chips of semiprecious amethyst, known for its connection to friendship, love, harmony and dreams.

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